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Fundamental Team and Meeting Skills
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Fundamental Team and Meeting Skills
Fundamental Team and Meeting Skills
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Welcome! employees having a meeting

Welcome to the Fundamental Team and Meeting Skills online learning program.

This online course explains the fundamentals of team development, team process and how to conduct effective meetings. The tools and techniques of running a meeting and assorted communication skills are explained.

This online learning program was designed to help New York State employees:

  • Describe the qualities and characteristics of a team and the process of working as a team.
  • Identify necessary members of a team and the roles of team members.
  • Compare and contrast the qualities of an effective team with those of an ineffective team.
  • Describe fundamental steps in planning, executing and evaluating a meeting.
  • List the tools and techniques for an effective meeting.
  • List processes for and types of decision making.
  • Recognize various communication styles and methods.

Course Completion

To successfully complete the course, you must:

  • Read the information presented on each screen
  • Check your comprehension of the material by participating in all learning activities, such as surveys, open-ended questions and other interactive exercises
  • Answer all review questions and use the feedback provided to increase your understanding

If you need help navigating the course, click on the the Help button (Help button image) near the top right of the screen to view the Help section.

To exit the course at any time, use the browser exit button (browser exit button image) located in the top right or left corner of your browser window.

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