GOER Classroom Training Attendance Policy

GOER Classroom Training Attendance Policy

GOER Classroom Training Attendance Policy

In order to provide a high-quality training experience and maximize the availability of classes, the following policy shall govern classroom-based Learning and Development Series training.

All classroom-based Learning and Development Series training has a designated start and end time to ensure that participants are exposed to all course materials. Participants who arrive late miss critical information and disrupt ongoing classroom activities. In order to receive credit for participation, enrollees are expected to be present no later than five minutes after commencement of the class. When extenuating circumstances cause a participant to be more than five minutes late, credit for participation will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Regardless of circumstance, participants will not receive credit for classroom-based training if they miss more than 30 minutes of the class. This includes late arrivals, early departures, or mid-day absences. Participants are expected to participate in the class and remain for the duration.

Classroom-based training is in high demand and most Learning and Development Series classes have a waiting list. When enrolled participants do not report for a classroom-based training without dropping from the class in the Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS), it prevents a seat from being used. In order to promote consistent attendance in classroom-based training and increase the capacity to train as many NYS employees as possible, participants who fail to report without dropping the class in SLMS at least three business days (Monday – Friday) in advance of the class date will not be permitted to attend other classroom-based Learning and Development Series training for three months. Exceptions will be made to this policy for participants who are absent from work due to illness or other approved, unexpected leave.

Enrollment Status
Each classroom-based training is designed to accommodate a certain number of participants. It is imperative that participants confirm their status in SLMS before coming to class to ensure they are enrolled. If the individual’s enrollment status in SLMS reads “pending approval” or “waitlisted,” that individual is NOT registered and does not have a seat in the class. Only when the status reads “enrolled” is a participant authorized to attend.

For any emergencies, please contact [email protected] or call 518-474-6772.