GOER Classroom Training Weather-Related Cancellation Policy

GOER Classroom Training Weather-Related Cancellation Policy

Governor's Office of Employee Relations Classroom Training Weather-Related Cancellation Policy

The Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (GOER) will make every effort to ensure that each class that is a part of the Learning and Development Series is held as scheduled. However, GOER recognizes that occasionally, weather-related events may make it impossible for training to continue as scheduled. The following cancellation policy applies to all Learning and Development Series classes and Train-the-Trainers:

Class registrants can assume that all classes will be held as scheduled unless they are notified of a cancellation. Decisions regarding cancellations will be made no later than 1:00 p.m. on the business day before the day of the scheduled training.

In the event of a cancellation, GOER staff will communicate this information to participants via three different channels.

  1. GOER will send an email to all enrolled participants and their supervisors.
  2. GOER will post a cancellation notice on the Statewide Learning and Development page on the GOER website
  3. GOER will update the outgoing message to reflect the cancellation on the training cancellation hotline voicemail 518-474-6370

It is incumbent upon all class registrants to monitor their email, check our website, or call our snow hotline to verify the status of their class during winter weather events.
Note: All GOER activities follow New York State closure policies. In the event of a weather emergency that results in the closing of New York State businesses or office buildings, classes will be cancelled.

Impact of Weather on GOER Classroom Training Attendance Policy:
In the event that a class is not cancelled, but inclement weather prevents a registrant from attending the class, or arriving on time, the following clauses from our current classroom attendance policy apply:
Absence: Exceptions will be made to this policy for participants who are absent from work due to illness, or other approved, unexpected leave.
Tardiness: Regardless of circumstance, participants will not receive credit for classroom-based training if they miss more than 30 minutes of the class. This includes late arrivals, early departures, or mid-day absences.