Graduate Student Employees Union (GSEU)

Graduate Student Employees Union (GSEU)

New York State and Communications Workers of America, Local 1104/ Graduate Student Employees Union Professional Development Program

Article 30 Professional Development Committee of the 2019-2023 Agreement negotiated between New York State (State) and the Communications Workers of America, Local 1104/Graduate Student Employees Union (GSEU) provides funding for teaching and graduate assistants represented by GSEU to further their professional development.

Professional Development Program

Funds are awarded for a variety of professional development projects or activities to assist eligible teaching assistants and graduate assistants represented by GSEU to develop their full professional potential or prepare for advancement.


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Empire KnowledgeBank eLearning Program

The Empire KnowledgeBank (EKB) eLearning Program allows employees represented by GSEU to access eLearning products provided by Enterprise Training Solutions, Inc. through the EKB license. Employees will have the opportunity to access thousands of eLearning courses, eBooks and short course videos for opportunities to enhance their professional and career development, for certification preparation and continuing education in a variety of areas. The EKB license can be accessed anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.

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