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Manage Your Account

Manage Your Account

Account Information

Getting answers to many of your FSA questions is now easier than ever. The FSA administrator, WageWorks, offers you a variety of resources to make inquiries about your FSA.

You will be able to access your account information by logging in to the WageWorks participant site at Once logged in, you will see your account dashboard, and will find answers to many of your questions by using the navigational tabs located near the top of the screen.

You will need to register as a first-time user at if you enroll for the 2020 plan year. Click on the Register link, then follow the instructions for the First-Time User Registration process. You will need to enter the last four digits of your NYS EMPLID in the ID Code box on the Identify Yourself screen. Once you have completed the registration process, you can access your online account information any time by logging in to the WageWorks participant site.

FSA Claims

After you login to your online account, you can check the status of your claims, download or view a report of your claims history, access information about eligible FSA expenses, and submit your claims online.


View your account balance and reimbursement transactions and download or view a report of your reimbursement history.


Click on the Profile link at the top of the screen to update your contact information, change your password, select your preferences for receiving information from WageWorks, authorize individuals to contact WageWorks about your account, and select the method for receiving claims reimbursements.

Direct Deposit

If you decide to enroll in the direct deposit option, you will have quicker access to your reimbursements by eliminating mail time. To enroll in direct deposit, login to your account at, click on the Profile link at the top of the screen, then click on the Reimbursement Method tab on the left side of the screen. Enter your banking information on the screen and click on the Save Changes button. If you enroll in direct deposit and make a change to your bank account at a later date, you will need to update the banking information saved in your Profile.

Please note: If you used direct deposit during the 2019 plan year, you will need to enroll in direct deposit again since your banking information will not carry over into 2020.

Alerts & Messages

Click on the Alerts & Messages link at the top of the screen to view important messages and reminders about your account and the FSA program.